5 Beaches in Greece you must visit

January 10, 2014

Officially known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece is located in southern Europe. The country is strategically located at the crossroads of 3 major continents that include Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. This gives the country an advantage over her Western European counterparts in getting the large tourist numbers that grace the Mediterranean tourism circuit.

The fact that it has several islands that are endowed with beautiful beaches make it even more alluring to tourists. Greece temperature is largely Mediterranean and it is not as cold as in other Western Europe countries. Among its most popular beaches include;

1. Arvanitia beach

This beach is located midway between Mycenae to Epidaurus. It boasts scenic environment and turquoise crystal clear water suitable for swimming. It provides travellers with the much needed relaxation before embarking on their journey.

2. Elafonisi beach in Crete

This beach as quaint as a beach can get. It is the perfect setting for holding hands, taking photographs, playing water games and kissing as the sun sinks in the lands yonder. In short, the beach is a lovers' paradise.

3. Ornos beach in Mykonos Island

If you are travelling with kids and do not want to get embarrassed explaining to your kids why some adults are doing what they are doing, this is the beach to go to. It has calm waters ideal for rookie swimmers and hundreds of boats to rent and ride.

4. Paradise Beach in Mykonos Cyclades

This is a place you take your lover for a memorable holiday. Like the name suggests, it is indeed a paradise. From the white sandy beaches to turquoise clear waters and tens of restaurants and pubs; Paradise beach is the one place you should go before the long winters ensues.

5. Apella Beach in Karpathos Island

Are you looking for a secluded beach where you can skinny dip without worrying upsetting anybody? Karpathos Island beaches are mostly secluded. You can sunbathe in the nude without encountering a soul on the beaches.

Greece has more than 100 beautiful beaches to visit. The list above is just a pointer on what you will be missing out should you opt to visit another country.