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If you must cancel your trip, return home prematurely, or if you're delayed in returning home, you could incur some serious cancellation and interruption expenses. Cancellation & Interruption Insurance protects you from specified risks that could prevent you from traveling as planned. If your trip is canceled due to a covered risk, you would be reimbursed up to the sum insured for the non-refundable portions of your trip.

If you must curtail your trip early because of a covered risk, this insurance will reimburse you for the unused non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements and the cost of an economy airfare to return you to the starting point in your scheduled itinerary. 


Visitors to Canada (US & International): This emergency medical insurance covers your reasonable and customary medical expenses incurred outside your country while in Canada because of an unexpected emergency medical sickness or injury whereby you must seek medical attention after you leave home. Medical attention must be required as part of your emergency treatment.

Canadian Residents: This medical insurance covers customary out-of-province medical expenses you may incur that exceed your home provincial health care, insurance, or extended health care benefit plans.

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