5 beaches in Portugal you must visit

January 09, 2014

Portugal is the westernmost midland country in Europe. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. It is located in what is commonly known as the Iberian Peninsula. Apart from having a long coastline, Portugal has sovereignty over two Islands - Azores and Madeira - which are located in the Atlantic Archipelago. With such a diverse geography, you can expect the country to have world beating beaches. Indeed, Portugal is home to some of the best beaches in the world as espoused below.

1. Porto Santo, Ribeira Brava and Praia Formosa in Madeira

These three beaches are to be found in the Island of Madeira. Porto Santo is a golden sand stretch that is packed with therapeutic spas, restaurants and bars; Ribeira Brava is a black sand beach that has warm waters for swimming and Praia Formosa is a pebbled beach that is ideal for a romantic walk.

2. Vila Praia da Ancora in Costa Verde

For the people who enjoy fishing, sunbathing and swimming, then this beach is the best place you can be. It boasts some tranquil waters suitable even for the rookie swimmer, it is clean for those who just want to laze around and sunbathe, and the Town of Costa Verde is a fishing town so that a tourist can accompany the fishermen or rent a boat for a fishing expedition.

3. Alvor

This beach is the best kept secret about Portuguese beaches. With Praia dos Três Irmãos, a series of coves and beautiful rocks jutting out of the eastern end of the beach, this 7-mile stretch of golden-sand marvel is one of the places you cannot afford to miss while in Portugal.

4. Beliche Beach in Sagres

The famous explorer, explorer Henry the Navigator, described Sagres as 'the end of the world' because of the towering cliffs that surround the Beliche Beach. The beach is nestled between Sagres point and Cape St Vincent and is usually deserted during the low season. During the high season, you will find a few surfers that enjoy the raw beauty of the beach. If you want some romantic but private beach to take your loved one, then this golden sand beach with its towering cliffs will give you that and more.

5. Meco Beach

This is a strictly adult beach. It is popular for allowing nude 'beach mongers' to sunbathe in the rich sun. If you are looking to have a complete tan of the body, this beach that is located about 40 kilometers south of Lisbon will be your best bet.

While in Portugal, make sure you taste her most popular dish - the Feijoada - that has been adopted by the Brazilians as their national dish.