5 great places to eat in Santiago

January 10, 2014

Santiago is the capital of Chile - the South American country that forms a narrow strip on the Pacific Coast west of Brazil. You will note that Chile is one of the fastest growing countries in South America and is often ranked as the most developed in Latin America. Over 70% of the Chilean population lives in Santiago. Chile is also a tourist magnet, mostly because of the Andean mountain ranges. With such a large population of local people and tourists, Santiago has over the years developed a series of restaurants to feed the hungry masses. Below are the top restaurants in Santiago.

1. Jewel of India

This hotel was ranked number one by Trip advisor in 3013. It serves mostly Indian Cuisines. Most visitors that have been here say apart from the excellent curry dishes, the kindness of the owner - a Mr. Rakesh - will make them return to the restaurant again and again. Going with those sentiments, it seems like customer care here is top notch.

2. Fuente Alemana

This is another popular restaurant among both the tourists and the locals. The restaurant's signature dish, the lomito, has been the restaurants main attraction. People also love this restaurant for its cheap meal and beers.

3. Bar Liguria

This restaurant is popular with the upwardly mobile Santiago residents. It is the place people meet to seal business deals over a hearty meal. Do not be surprised if you meet a local politician or a Chilean celebrity in the restaurant. The restaurant mainly serves Italian cuisines.

4. Bocanariz

The sea food served here will make you rethink your favorite food. Bocanariz is an authentic Chilean restaurant and you are much more likely to sample most of the traditional Chilean cuisines here than in any other restaurant in Santiago. Amazingly, the restaurant can set your table on one of its outdoor umbrella gazebo for a quiet evening dinner.

5. Taberna El Hoyo

I know that like me, before knowing this restaurant, you have never heard of cuisines such as blood sausage, cow tongue, rolled pork and boiled potatoes. Well, this is what you are going to sample at this restaurant. Even more exotic is its wines such as Terremoto that is made with white wine, pisco and pineapple ice cream.

Santiago is your quaint, idyllic South American city complete with views to die for. If I were you, I would sample all there is to sample (or at least all that my tummy can hold) before the end of my vacation there.