5 great roof top bars in Toronto

January 12, 2014

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada. It also happens to be the commercial hub of the country - even larger than the capital, Ottawa. Businessmen, tourists, politicians and other celebrities often find themselves in the city looking for a place to spend the evening. If you are one of these people, my advice to you is to head to the top of the skyscrapers and enjoy a drink on the rooftop bars or ‘patios’ as Canadians love calling them. Below are the best rooftop bars in Toronto.

1. The Cadillac Lounge

As an Elvis and rockabilly-themed bar, you can expect on the best entertainment and top shelves drinks - and on this, the bar does not disappoint. The bar has recently widened its stage to accommodate bigger groups. Amazingly, the bar can sit up to 200 patrons.

2. The Victoria Cafe

Located on the quiet neighborhood of Markham Street, this cafe is popular with the young upwardly moving crowd. Expect to mingle with suit-wearing executives as well as jeans-wearing fashionistas. At this cafe, you are just a few steps to the exclusive Bloor Street and Honest Ed’s - the grandest Toronto store. The Victoria Cafe mostly serves bottled beer.

3. Brazen Head Pub

If you want to sample the best Irish drinks in the hottest Irish district in Toronto, then this pub is your best bet. Make sure you take off your hat upon entry into the watering hole - it is an old Irish culture. They consider wearing a hut in a tavern rude.

4. The Drake Hotel Sky Yard

This rooftop bar is part of the larger Drake Hotel, located on the Queen Street. It is the only place in the whole of Toronto that you can smoke in public. If you are looking for a place to unwind and relax with a bottle of beer, then the couches in the sun or the small tables in the shades at Sky Yard are a sure bet.

5. Thompson Toronto

With a view of most of Toronto's skyline, Thompson Toronto is one of those places that you wish your girlfriend was around to show off your class. The bar is as exclusive as they come. It is haunted by the well-off Toronto business executives. It is also a place to pick up a nice boy/girl for a serious romantic relationship.

Toronto's nightlife scene is as active as in all other cities. It easily falls into the category of New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris. Never wallow in loneliness whenever you are in Toronto. Head out to the rooftop bars and have a time of your life.