5 things to do in Lake Como

January 10, 2014

Lake Como is a lake of glacial origin in Lombardy, Italy. At 146 square kilometers, it is the third Largest Italian Lake after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. The neighborhood surrounding the lake has been a famous aristocrat retreat center attracting people like Matthew Bellamy, Madonna, George Clooney, Gianni Versace, Ronaldinho, Sylvester Stallone, Julian Lennon, Richard Branson, Ben Spies, and Pierina Legnani to own villas here. But what is the real attraction that brings people who can afford other destinations in the world to Lake Como? Check out the things you can do here below.

1. Fine Dining at Pizzeria Balognett

This restaurant is the hidden gemstone of Lake Como. Located in the residential streets of Tremezzo, this restaurant has made a name for itself for serving the best pizza in the world (this is not an exaggeration).

2. Ferry Trips on Lake Como

If George Clooney, the famous American actor, and Ronadinho, the famous Brazilian footballer could find the towns of Cadenabbia, Menaggio, Varenna, and Bellagio interesting, trust me; you will find them enchanting. Perhaps this ride should be accompanied by a meal at the wildly beautiful Ristorante Bilacus.

3. Marvel at Man's Ingenuity at the beautiful Lido de Leno Artificial Beach

Lido de Leno is the most beautiful manmade beach in the world. If you doubt it, why not Google some pictures of the beach and you will see for yourself? The beach is the best lodging spot with restaurants that serves the best Italian wines and sunbathing gazebos that easily outclasses the Caribbean Island sunbathing huts.

4. Explore the historic Villa Balbianello

This historic architectural marvel is accessed only via boat, giving the photography buffs ample time to capture the villa from different angles on their cameras. To get to the villa, you can take a boat shuttle at Lido di Lenno dock or board a ferry from lake towns such as Bellagio.

5. Visit i Giardini di Villa Melzi

This is a neo-classicism in Lombardy garden and villa that was built in 1808 for Duke Francesco Melzi d'Eril, an assistant to General Napoleon. If you have never seen a Lombardy garden at its best, expect to be dazzled by this garden. Visitors are allowed here during the month of March through October 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM

Lake Como is a luxury holiday destination that is visited by the high and mighty of Europe. If you can afford a stay here, it will be one of those holiday destinations that you always have fond memories of.