5 things to do in Stresa Italy

January 10, 2014

Stresa is a small town of about 5,000 inhabitants located on the shores of Lake Maggiore, Northern Italy. It is strategically situated along the rail and road routes that go to the Simplon Pass, 90 kilometers northwest of the City of Milan.

Since the early 19th century, the town's income has largely come from tourism. It heavily depends on the scenic surrounding of Lake Maggiore to attract visitors. Below are some of the things that the visitors here can engage in.

1. Explore Isole Borromee

These are three little islands that can be accessed by boat. They are named after the House of Borromeo, a family that still owns part of the islands. The three Islands include: Isola Bella, which features a 17th century palace built by Carlo II for his wife Isabella; Isola Pescatori which features an old church and delightful alleys and cobble-stoned lanes; and Isola Madre which features a castle and scenic vegetation.

2. Take pictures from a boat on Lake Maggiore

The best place to capture the scenic town of Stresa and its surroundings is aboard a boat on Lake Maggiore. Here you will not only capture Isole Borromee islands but also the town itself.

3. Picnic at Lake Front Gardens

Like all gardens that are near water bodies, the gardens at the Lake Front are lush green and beautiful they are ideal for family day outs or Romantic picnic.

4. Stay and dine at the Grand Hotel and its Hemingway connection

The Grand Hotel is one of the few Italian hotels that still cook Italian cuisines the old way. If you want to sample the best Lasagna as cooked by Ancient Italians and Romans, this hotel will give you the best.

5. Ride the Centovalli Train

From stresa, you will board a train that will take you to Domodossola from where you will take the Centovalli trains that traverses through 100 valleys of scenic countryside. From the train, you can click away at the sights that interest you. You can opt to travel by rail back to Stresa or board a ferry on Lake Maggiore back to Stresa Harbor.

Stresa is unlike other Italian towns. It has managed to remain an idyllic old town when others rapidly developed. It is one of the few remaining towns where you can really enjoy ancient Italian way of life.