BLC Design Hotel is the Perfect Place for Travelers

January 05, 2013

Do you like spending your time in a hotel which shines white all through? BLC Design Hotel is one of its kinds. The name BLC was derived from “blanc” referring white. Actually the hotel is painted white starting from its front desk, rooms and even its furniture. Then, if you love the color, it is the perfect place to be. BLC Design Hotel is situated along the streets of Paris and frequently you find many visitors coming to spend their accommodation here and take meals. Most of them come from Britain and natives who are business travelers on budget.


When you again look at the name of this hotel, it speaks to itself on what its design is. It is a tremendous transformation since 2010 until now you can see a white quirky modern hotel. Owing to this, the entire atmosphere around the region has greatly changed through the contribution of the hotel. Other factors which triggers most visitors into the hotel include; spacious rooms, services, foods and drinks which are offered at affordable prices. Click here to get the full description of the hotel and below is the link to its structure and appearance: