Evolution of architecture in Reichstag

May 04, 2013

A symbol of Germany's past, present and future, the Reichstagor Parliament Building is a mesh of different architecture, ranging from the late 20th and late 21st centuries, and symbolizing the country's path from dark past to brighter future.

You can tour the Reichstag's dome (its newest addition) for free, but you should probably make a reservation in advance since it's a popular stop for tourists. Circle your way up the dome on foot, or use an elevator to reach the top for a stunning view of the city below.

Recent travelers highly recommend visiting the Reichstag early in the morning (it opens at 8 a.m.) to avoid the long lines that inevitably form. They also suggest you take the free audio guide (in both German and English languages) for an interesting history of the building. And although it's usually open until about midnight daily, the Reichstag stops admitting visitors at 10 p.m. Find it off the Unter den Linden S-bahn station.

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