The best live music venues in Cape Town

January 07, 2014

South Africa is home to immigrants from all parts of Africa. If you want to sample the Egyptian Belly dance, Congolese Benga Music, East African Taarab Music, Nigeria’s Azonto Dance and South Africa’s Own Zulu Dance, then Cape Town will be a good bet. There is no other place in Africa that you can find as diverse a music scene as you will find in Cape Town. African jazz, hip hop and European house compete for a slot to perform live in the Cape Town Clubs. Below are some of the top live music spots in Cape Town.

1. Piano Bar

This was the first piano bar in the city and it showcases performances from professional and up-and-coming soul, funk, blues and jazz performers. It is the place to see new talent before it hits the global stage.

2. Mahogany Room

For the Jazz enthusiasts, this is the place to be. It is modeled after the popular New York Jazz club - The Village Vanguard. Note that the seats are limited and tickets are usually sold out before the event date. If you want to enjoy the show, then you need to be there early enough.

3. Aces n' Spades

If you want to hear tunes ranging from African drum beat to European House Music, then this club will be the surest bet. It serves guest with top shelve liquor and only gives talented artists chance to show case their talent.

4. Asoka

If you want to mingle with upwardly moving South African, this is the place to be. It is one of the trendiest live music spots in South Africa and doubles up as a restaurant and bar.

5. Artscape Theater

This is home to Cape Philharmonic Orchestra that has played their music the world over. Whether you want to listen to classic or contemporary music, gospel or secular, African or European; this orchestra will give you the best of both worlds.

Cape Town is the entertainment capital of South Africa. For a night filled with music tunes, the city is unrivaled in Sub-Sahara Africa.