Watch the Stockman’s Roundup on a Tobruk Australian Outback Experience

July 12, 2013

Get to explore Australia with Tobruk Australian Outback Experience and get to see the most amazing sights. Being a full day trip, you’ll also get to do a lot of fun activities like making traditional damper, building a campfire, taking part in sheep-shearing, learning how to crack a whip, and even throwing a boomerang.

Tobruk Australian Outback Experience starts by having a scenic drive through the Great Northern Road, a historic road built by the convicts way back in the early days of Australian settlement. Later on you’ll be heading to Tobruk Sheep Station where you’ll get to have even more scenic views of rural landscapes. Get to relax and enjoy activities at the Tobruk Sheep Station and also learn all that they have to offer. To end the tour, you’ll be having a delicious meal of the world-famous Aussie BBQ.

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